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So, we got a dog!

Background: When Bret and I got married, we agreed that we would fence in the backyard of the house (HUGE backyard) and adopt a dog — I wanted a golden retriever rescue, he wanted a pound puppy. BUT. Then I found out i was pregnant in August, after getting married just three months earlier. We kept considering it, but couldn’t find the right dog for us, and that turned out to be the right decision. We didn’t really have time to devote to a new animal anyway, since we were learning to tend to Caroline.

Around the end on January we saw a listing for a free chocolate lab, 6 months old. Her owners had gotten her as a little puppy, but now that she was older and needed more exercise and attention they just didn’t have the time for her. We went to meet her, decided to think about it, and picked her up the next day.

We knew that she would TURN OUT to be a great dog ONE DAY. We also realized we needed to get a younger dog so we could teach her how to behave around our cat and Caroline.

To saw she’s a handful would be an understatement. At first she wouldn’t go into the backyard by herself, and would throw her body against the back door anytime she was left alone out there. So we spent hours standing out there, and running with her back and forth to wear her out. Now, after three weeks with us, she will hang out there by herself, but much prefers to be in the house with us or have one of us out there, even if its just to stand on the patio and watch her sniff around in the woods.She’s sweet, just very energetic. We think she’s pretty smart, but the jury is still out on that one, since she insists on carrying around a big rock as her favorite toy.

So, I went through all that to get to this…we’ve decided to send her to doggie daycare at our vet’s office. Its affordable, and will give her something to do during the day when usually she’d just be kenneled while we’re at work (one of us always comes home at lunch to let her out to run around for an hour, so she’s only kenneled during the day for 3-4 hours at a time).

Bret calls to ask about the program, and he discovers they have theme days. THEMES, people. For DOGS. They have Arts and crafts days, water days, obedience days, and (this is the one that got me)…MOVIE DAYS. For DOGS. MY DOG, who EATS her OWN POOP.¬† Bret and I have had fun trying to come up with what the movie lineup might be….Homeward Bound, probably…Milo and Otis…Lady and the Tramp…etc. But what movie for the dog who likes to live on the edge, eh? A little scary? Old Yeller, perhaps…Where the Red Fern Grows…Cujo.

I love my pets, don’t get me wrong, but they are PETS. I don’t consider them my children and wonder a little bit at those who do. I just find it really weird the anthropomorphism¬† that goes on in our society.

Doggy’s name is Zoey, btw. Bret realized last week that we named her after the first Cylon. Rather Freudian on our part, I believe.


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