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Non-Everyday Magic

Not everyday is a birthday. I had mine on Saturday and it was magical. I received lovely presents and my parents came to see me and I got to go to my favorite restaurant, Walnut Circle Grill, for dinner. The Husband gave me a silver disc pendant with C-Love’s name and birth details on it and my parents got me a fancy new camera.

On Sunday I played in the Carillion Choir at church for both the morning and evening services. The morning service and the first number of the evening service were both fine, but we had some problems with the second number. I myself missed a few notes. I wish we had a chance to re-do it. At the end of the evening service we had a candle-lighting where people pass the flame through the sanctuary and it was lovely.

I turned 32 and instead of waiting for the new year I’m making my resolutions for the next year beginning now.

1. Record every book I read for a year.

2. Take more pictures of C-Love and my family.

3. Lose 10-15 lbs.

4. DON’T get pregnant. haha.

5. Take advantage of the 3 hours of work-out time that I get a week. (I work for a company that allows us to go during work hours)

6. Take at least two trips as a family.

7. Post to my blog at least 3 times a week.

8. Have at least one get-away vacation with The Husband.


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