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Ready for the Beach!

We’re headed out to the beach in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait! I made these two outfits for the girls to wear in some sunset beach pictures — hopefully the weather will cooperate!
The pattern for the romper came from RuffleBunnies. This is the first of her patterns that I’ve used and I really liked it! I did have a few moments of confusion at a couple of places but it all worked out. Start to finish, I think this took me about 4 hours, but I think if I sewed it again I could do it much faster since now I’m familiar with the pattern.

Here’s the romper!


The back has these sweet ruffles! I think I might topstitch them to get them to lay down a bit more.


I made this dress for Big Sis to wear — no pattern on this one, I just eyeballed other similar dresses I’d seen.

The chevron is reading a little bit orange, but its actually pink. I think I’ll go in and re-do the knot on this dress and make the same kind of bow the romper has.
I had so much fun sewing these, and I can’t wait to tackle some fall and winter clothes! I’ve got an adorable Halloween knot dress planned for each of them, with black chevron and a very cute Riley Blake print!



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